Monday, August 30, 2010

Southern Living Kitchen

This past weekend My Love and I stayed at his parent's Saturday night (they were gone to the beach) so I wouldn't have to drive as far to work Sunday morning. While we were there I became engrossed in her new Southern Living magazine (i even stole it, brought it to work Sunday, then home with me Sunday night. Bad daughter-in-law). Oh, sometimes it makes me happy to be a Southerner! Great stuff for all you ladies who live down here! I especially loved this cozy kitchen remake! Lately all I've been focusing on is my small barn decor that I haven't really looked out for any "big" house ideas. But this kitchen definitely caught my eyes. Not too big, but still spacious. The muted gray cabinetry with the distressed finish is quite lovely and really love the open shelves over the sink! Plus, I've found that I'm really drawn to large farm styled kitchen sinks as well. If you take a peek at the layout you'll see that the living area is right there too! And that's definitely something I want, all open! This kitchen will definitely be saved in my house favorites file on my desktop.


  1. southern living magazine is one of my two favorite magazines..the other being midwest living magazine. so why? am i living on the left coast?!

    this kitchen is awesome.

    jAne from tickleberry farm


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