Friday, August 27, 2010

boys of fall

There are certain seasons that impale your senses full on. Like you cannot only see, taste, smell that season arriving but it puts your senses into overload, without remorse. Christmas is one of them. Fall is one of them. But Football season is also one of them. Luckily its practically knocking on our doorsteps. There is something strikingly different that this football season holds. There will still be tailgating, painted faces, hot scorching days, then blustering cool days, fun, food, rivalries. But this year will be the first year I no longer will see my brother on the field. I've mentioned before that my brother has played football almost as long as he's been walking. Honestly, I can hardly remember a year not watching him on the field in his shoulder pads, jersey, and helmet. I've learned the game and learned to love the game because of him. But this year my #82 will not be on the football field, he graduated from college this past may. When he graduated I didn't think about how much I'd miss that emotional tug that has always been associated with seeing a loved one sweating, fighting, winning and losing on the field. But now that football season has arrived, I am missing it. Missing my boy of fall! It sure was fun seeing him play!

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  1. I love that song, and fall, and football! Ok my team, UNC, is MAJORLY engrossed in NCAA scandal which is super upsetting because for once we might have had a good football team this year...I guess I'll watch the Panthers...ugh.


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