Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swim Lesson


Yes, I've started swimming... well, I'm in the process of attempting to be a swimmer or trying not to drown/swallow half the pool in the process of becoming a swimmer. I'm not exactly sure how this all got started. But its a little out of control now. A girl in my home group from church is a swim teacher and casually mentioned we should go swimming one day because we both go to the same gym. They have an indoor swimming pool and blah blah... Well, offhandedly I agreed, but secretly doubted because i had no intention of being seen in a bathing suit next to a double zero size girl (the size is totally true, i went shopping with her the other day!) who strangely resembles a dark headed Barby. The first "lesson" i totally blew her off. The second time I felt bad so reluctantly dragged myself to my first ever adult swim lesson. And about died.

I know how to swim. My mom put me and all my siblings in swimming lessons at our local YMCA when we were little. I remember well. I even beat our teacher in how long we could hold our breath under water. But that was about 20 years ago I'm afraid. This whole swimming for exercise... without oxygen is a whole different story! And is kicking my bleached whale butt... big time (yes, that's what i feel like some days trying to swim). Examine: girl below on far right... about to die... about to inhale a lung she's breathing so hard. That is how I feel. That is me.


But I've decided to stick with it. Because I love to eat. And Michael Phelps is able to consume like 7000 calories a meal or something ridiculous like that and still have a rock'n body. And I am getting a little better. Plus, I've bought the bathing suit, and the hard-core goggles and even threatened to buy the swimming cap... because I'm hard core. Or will be... one day... if I don't drown or develop pneumonia from aspirating half the pool in the process.

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  1. haha only a nurse would worry about getting pneumonia from aspirating pool water. :) I used to love swimming but now you couldnt PAY me to get into a suit and do it for exercise. Good for you for trying to conquer it though!! Thats how I feel about running and its a great thing.


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