Thursday, August 12, 2010

just can't help it...

So the summertime is over for all the teachers this week in my area and kids go back next week. So I guess summertime is over. The problem with that statement is its not really over... its 104 degrees out there! It is blazing! Summer is still in full swing in my book! It makes me want to just camp out near the water... any water!! One cool chic who knows how to stay cool? My cousin's baby girl. I just can't help it... she is the CUTEST ever. She just turned one last month and she is just fabulous. That's all there is to it... and I don't even like kids that much! I mean take a look at those bathing suit statements! That hat! Precious! I could learn a thing or two from her!


  1. those cheeks! precious! i featured you in my follower friday!

  2. Wow...we are in for a hot one today too. You sure know how to stay these sweet images...what a sweetpea!

    Hugs for a great weekend.


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