Saturday, January 8, 2011

hello new heart


I'll be putting my feet up this weekend... they're killing me. Work... well, Jesus is working on my heart where my work is concerned... or opening up a new door! Yaye, I'm excited about either or! I never wanted to be that person who complained a/b their work! and that's whats starting to happen...

I never dreaded going to work until this past year. Now I have to mentally prepare myself and "rest up" before and after my shifts... its ridiculous. I want to yell at myself and say "suck it up, man!" but then I'll just cry quietly in bed after the lights are turned out. Pitiful, I know...

So hello new heart! or hello new job! or hello both!

ps. is there anyone who wakes up excited about their job and excited about their work? are there really jobs out there and people out there like that? just wondering...


  1. Dont be so hard on your self..Be gentle..and respect your limits.
    Always listen to this voice inside..
    and dont ever order yourself,ask politely..
    Everybody hates their work sometimes its only natural!
    Give everything to Him even your frustration.Give your everyday to Him..
    The quality changes when you give to Him your actions..

  2. Help !
    How can I make a blogname a link too ?How did you do it?

  3. Don't give your self a hard time...everyone goes through phases of loving and hating their job. I wake up tired...XOXO

  4. :( I hope you get lots of much needed rest & relaxation this weekend...for both your mind & body.

    And if you want my 2 cents, I think only a handful of people wake up everyday excited to go to their job. Those lucky folks..I hope you'll be one of them one day.

  5. i totally feel you on this one! i love my job and it's so rewarding...but it's also exhausting and stressful and BUSY! hope you get some much needed rest this weekend :)

  6. Thank you for your tip!I did it!!!!!
    Also I just placed you on my blogroll!

  7. I think there are some people who feel like that, but it's hard! I do love my job, but I also have to mentally prepare myself. My job is rewarding, but so busy, stressful, and demanding! (I'm a nurse).

  8. thanks for your last comment! i can't believe we both pronounce our names the same way even though they're spelled just a tad different! and i love this post- i felt a purpose every morning when i was an intern in DC and would give anything to have that feeling again. hopefully my future work will mirror that same drive - and for you too! have a great week evie!

  9. you know... i love my job... i really really do and i wouldn't ever consider leaving it but still... i hate going to work a lot of times cause being a nurse can be so hard sometimes. its such a draining profession and if you don't have a supportive unti or environment that can be incredibly demoralizing. i'll be praying that a door will be opened for you or that work becomes more of a joy. hang in there!


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