Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed In


With snow still on the ground here in SC and some roads still very slippery, my sister and I had a lovely day at home yesterday. My sister, a high school english teacher, has been off all week {and has probably been more excited about that fact than her kids}. Every afternoon after getting the recording from her school district that school has been cancelled for the next day, she does this fabulous little dance and laughs loudly {probably at all of the workers out there that have the misfortune of not getting snow days} in absolute delight. "I feel as though all this snow has been a kiss from Jesus to me! BAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE IT!!" she explains. I love that she still can appreciate this time off and has enjoyed this week of quiet and rest.

Tuesday and Wednesday at work, I got a glimpse of the frustration Jesus must feel with us sometimes. Over the weekend all everyone could talk about was the snow and the possibility of the waking up to a winter wonderland. You could feel the excitement in every ones voices and praying that the weatherman was really correct. Everyone was so excited about the snow! And we got it. All night Sunday night and all day Monday... inches and inches! I can't remember when we got this much. And it was so beautiful. But come Tuesday, when I was back at work, the complaining over the snow had begun. "Ready for this snow to be gone!" & "You can't do anything with all this snow turning to ice!", "Cabin fever" and "Rather it have never come at all"... blah blah blah.

While listening to these comments I was struck with how so many people are never satisfied, even after getting what they really want! It got so old hearing my coworkers complain about the inconvenience the snow brought while just a couple days ago just the thought gave them great excitement! In some ways I wanted to say, "Sorry Jesus. The snow was beautiful. Please ignore all the complaining..." Because the fact of the matter was, it was a great snow! We didn't even once lose power!

So when I heard my sisters excitement about being snowed in another day, to say the least, it brought me great joy! And it made me check my own attitude about being greatful for what one wishes for!


  1. so true and lovely! people search for satisfaction in so many places, so many WORLDLY places, and when they do, they will never achieve it. full satisfaction can only come from a true, loving relationship with Jesus:) then, no matter what happens, nothing can shake that feeling of contentment. happy friday!

  2. That is so true! Thank you for the reminder to always have a grateful spirit! :)

  3. Awww, this is such a sweet post! : ) You are SO right, sometimes we complain about one thing...and then when we get what we wanted, we complain about it!!

  4. perspective is a beautiful thing...

  5. you have a great attitude! P.S. Those socks are so cute and warm looking....


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