Thursday, January 13, 2011

farm animals

My husband has recently decided, once we are out on our land, he wants some "farm" animals. An understandable request for 30 acres so I wasn't surprised. "I think some sheeps, a donkey, and big Clydesdale...oh and of course my two black labs or rottweiler" he explained. I was like ummm, come again?

Fist of all, I grew up on land surrounded by animals... well, cows mainly and a horse here & there. So I completely was open to the fact of having some cows, maybe a horse one can ride (i think i'd be afraid to mount a huge Clydesdale!). The fact that sheep and donkeys are completely useless on a farm didn't bother him {and secretly I think he just likes saying "donkey" like on Trek). "Jesus had a donkey! and the donkey can carry my stuff around the land behind me on my clydesdale..."

Apparently he has it all figured out...

But after seeing this little baby lamb over at a Merry Mishap, as far as the sheep, he may have convinced me...


  1. I'd say, as long as you take care of them, we're good! Haha!

  2. omg that is flippin' adorable! My other favorite animal is the goat. Goats have the softest little noses. I used to love feeding them at the petting zoos when I was a kid. :)


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