Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, Well, Well...

Dear Internet (i totally stole that from life of a doctor's wife),

Things have really been happening! I mean things have REALLY been happening! Its so weird too because as you see I've been all reminiscing about my barn and about the country and how I'm ready to move home and blah blah... Well! About a week ago I got a call from my dad that the land next to my daddy's land is now for sale... 40 acres of it! How crazy is that! Ohmygoodness. I just don't know what to say. I'm super excited about it but now that it may really happen I'm nervous! I mean this is big bucks we're talking about! Big bucks we'll have to borrow and pay back! Can we afford it? We just weren't expecting this to happen till a couple years and have been paying off big chunks of old debt (mainly on this house). And now WHAM! Its possibly maybe going to happen.

Ohhh... but I am excited! Saturday we took a trip home and looked at it and the plat(?) thingy...

ok, this is the gravel driveway at my parents house... their land stops where all those trees are to the far right and that's whats for sale, the land that runs parallel to the horse's field! that could me ours!

And I liked what I saw... I can almost see my homestead in the upper corner. Some of those little trees/brush will have to be cleared some of course... but I can still almost see it!

Have any of ya'll out there ever bought land? Any recommendations that I should know about?


  1. i dont know anything about real estate...but i do know that i'd love to live down a dirt road like that!

  2. That looks so gorgeous and peaceful... hope it works out for ya!

  3. when we moved to our present locale (19 years ago) people strongly suggested we buy land cuz back then you could get 5 acres for 75k. we didn't buy land. we bought a house in suburbia on a postage stamp sized lot. you've no idea the regret in that decision. seriously. those 5 acres are worth 375k today. land has remained high. suburban homes? what was once worth 425k is now worth 210k. sad. very sad. very very sad indeed.

    buy the land. ooops. this is an old post - i think you already bought the land. good. ;o)

    jAne from tickleberry farm


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