Monday, August 2, 2010

Dairy Rd

For those that don't know, now that I'm married and moved in with my fabulous husband (who really is just fabulous) I drive an hour to work (work 12 hrs) and then drive an hour back home. Well, its not bad really because its only 3 days a week, but sometimes it can get a little mundane. However, my aunt recently introduced me to another route that has really cheered me up and made me smile while driving. Its basically the same but I get to cut though on this charming drive for about 5 minutes called Dairy Road. This road holds the fragrance of home.
Dairy Rd is this small back road that holds this great working dairy farm. And tons of dairy cows in fields on both sides of the road enclosed by these great old fences. Yesterday evening when I passed through I noticed 3 dusty four wheelers parked in front of one large barn. I almost wanted to stop by and ask if I could take a tour. I wondered if they were milking. Would the cows been too distracted to milk if I'd taken a peek? It really is quite charming and it makes me want to move out to my small field with my small barn even more.
My mom grew up on a small working dairy farm. She used to tell us how she'd have to get up before school on cold mornings, slip into her black rubber work boots and feed the baby calves milk bottles. I too grew up on that same land. And while the cows are no longer milked, when I see the milking barn I can remember watching my uncle milking the cows just like his father before him. It seems such honest, wholesome work. And only the hardest workers are able to survive. I do hope one day to be able to point to the dairy across the field from my own home and explain to my little girl that the cows were once milked there and her grandma used to work hard in that same old barn when she was a little girl.
Yes, Dairy Road holds the fragrance of home and makes the drive a little better each day.

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  1. aww I love it. It's all about the little things in life, right? :)


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