Wednesday, August 18, 2010

High School Days

So its back to school time again. Oh, and believe it or not, I sometimes miss it. Well, not really that much, but there were some fun times. I had a blast in school! Always playing a sport, clubs, roaming the halls. Its fun sometimes to think back to some of those good 'ole days of high school, watching my brother play high school football, seeing friends in classes, pulling the all nighters. "High school is never over" as the Jane Austin Book Club movie says and in many ways that statement is right. School is never really over. We take those memories everywhere with us!

I went to a private Christan school from 7th -12th grade. And a few times they threatened uniforms on us. I say threatened because, well, back in those days it was a threat. Now, looking back, what a blessing it would have been! I LOVE having a uniform for work! LOVE LOVE IT! Its just so easy at 0530 to shrug into anything white and run. But school uniforms hold such great style, great looks. Whats happened to the uniform days? Are they still out there? Did anyone ever have to wear a uniform to school? Neither of the private schools in my town had them. Why? Doesn't everyone look better in a uniform? Do they really suppress one's individuality? I say bring back the cute school uniforms!

even these nerds look sexy!

Aren't some of these uniforms fabulous! I'd wear them!


  1. i would love for our kids to have to wear a uniform ... or should i say i would have loved it. it takes the whole "what to wear/what to buy/fight over clothing" out of the picture.

  2. retrospectively I would have loved to have had a uniform, but when I was actually in school it seemed like the most heinous idea ever!


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