Sunday, December 27, 2009

A White Christmas

Every year I dream of a white Christmas. And yesterday, I saw probably the closest thing to a White Christmas I'll ever see...

After a lovely Christmas with my family, my siblings, my fiance and I decided to see if there was any snow left at our small mountain cabin in NC. So, up the mountain we went. And to our great excitement there was still snow on the ground!!

pic by me

pic by me
pic by me

My fiance decided to bring along one of his Christmas presents and was practicing in the snow... I have to admit, it was pretty hot and manly seeing him throwing his throwing knives in the snow :)
So even though technically I had a white day after Christmas, I'm a happy girl!

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Special Christmas Gift

I'm at the hospital right now working (well should be working, checking on patients) but I just had a moment and wanted to say Merry Christmas to all...

I just received the nicest surprised as I walked around the corner on my floor... in between pushing meds and doing my morning assessment, I ran into my fiance's parents grinning and wishing me a Merry Christmas! I just am so very blessed in my family and my future family! They live near the hospital where I work and new I had to work today and decided to surprise me with some Christmas cheer. It was so nice receiving hugs and kisses at work from my future in- laws. I am truly blessed... it was the sweetest Christmas gift I could've received this special Christmas morning.

God bless everyone on this Special Day!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Open House

I've mentioned before that my family loves taking small trips to Saluda NC. And every year especially when the weather turns cold and my nose turns bright red after spending 2 minutes outside my family heads up once again to the mountains of Saluda for their annual Christmas Open House! So this past weekend, we did just that...

It is a time of snuggling up near the fireplace while drinking hot drinks up at the cabin, bundling up from head to foot in warm hats and scarfs, and drifting in and out of festive, decorated shops while nibbling on delicious food, hot cider, or wine. AND! It completely gets my Christmas loving self even more ready and excited about Christmas! (its the most wonderful time of the year, you know :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It Feels Like Home

My life has been so crazy for the past 3 weeks... I have been all over the place. I have literally been living in three different houses! The reason: My roomate got married the day after thanksgiving and instead of paying rent by myself for the next 5 months I decided to pack up all my belonging and move them to the fiance's home I'll be living in come Aptil 17th. And until then I've returned to the nest and moved back in with Mom and Dad. Plus, in between packing up the apartment and hauling it to my guy's home and trying to find a place for everything (nightmare, let me tell you, nightmare!), I've had Thanksgiving, my rommie's wedding, transformed a huge portion of my fiance's home with paint, and put up a Christmas tree...

However, the jumping from apartment to fiance's to parent's has come to and end per yesterday handing in my keys. It felt so good! And last night it felt like I'd come home while soaking in the tub I'd grown up in, chatting with mom sitting on the sink counter like the good 'ole days.

Who says you can't go home...

It feels like home to me...