Saturday, October 30, 2010

Owl Pumpkin Love

Have you carved your pumpkin yet? Its that time! Everyone have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

(Yes, I totally carved an owl! I love owls, but they're almost becoming too popular these days! But I did it anyway! What's carved in your pumpkin this year?)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Land of Nod

So for some random reason I received a children's magazine, The Land of Nod, in my no child zone mail box yesterday. It sat on my counter all day long and was about to find itself in the trash. But while gathering up my other magazines to read that evening after supper I placed it with my stack and headed to the couch. My Love even made a comment/weird face like, "Uh, whats that?" But when I opened its pages, friends, magic happened! This magazine has opened my eyes to what cute kids/toys/wooden blocks is all about! I couldn't believe it! I was all smiley and giggling! My Love kept giving me weird looks! "Ok, lets go have a baby right now so I can buy some of this cute stuff." I'm not even lying, those words came out of my mouth. It was so refreshing to see the non-plastic, non-cheap looking, charming simplicity that each toy/craft/doll carried. I love love love the wooden toys! Congratulations to me, I had a breakthrough! Thank you Land of Nod!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am Christian

Recently Ruthy from Discovery Street wrote a blog (and a wonderful follow-up) about my statement above. She wanted to get people's honest reaction to that statement, "I'm a Christian", and it was interesting to see the many different reactions. Some people were excited, some indifferent, some nervous, some wary. Some responses held content like "judgmental" and "preachy" and "self-righteous". Do you have a reaction?

A few responses you could tell there a was a bit more thought put behind their comments. Such as: "If brought before a judge and accused of being Christian, would you get convicted based on the evidence of your life? I think you would Ruthy, which goes beyond stating "I am a Christian." Another girl posted,"I'll be honest though - I haven't always been a Christian (thought I was, but really wasn't living it so wasn't)...And after becoming a Christian - when someone says they are - I feel curious - because so many people identify with the label, but aren't really. And I also get tense, because I see so many versions across the board that I never know what's going to happen. And that just makes me sad. But it is the truth."

I have a couple responses... to the responses. First, I do agree with one comment in that the term of Christian is so loosely thrown around in today's society its hard to really know what to expect with the label. For example, in the good 'ole South, EVERYONE will call them self a Christian, Bible Belt of America we're called. Our society is taught to wake up Sunday morning, put on your Sunday dress, grab your Bible from the shelf (its home during the week) and head down to the community church to hear "the preach'n". We say hello to neighbors and friends, say "See you next Sunday" and head to the nearby restaurant for lunch. Anyone relate? Does that make you a christian? Going to church? Another comment stated, "Christian get a bad rap". I think we do. Maybe its because as Christ-followers we're supposed to be held to Christ's standards. However, because no one is perfect (except Christ) we fail, over and over even though we're told to imitate Him. Then there will be the response, "Yeah, and she calls herself a Christian!" We are called judgmental (when God's word, the Bible, clearly says don't judge! (Romans 14:13) We're called self- righteous (when Philippians 2:3 says "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.") And so non believers in Christ, instead of just rejecting our actions, reject our belief as well. Your actions should reflect your heart (John 15), but does one action (good/bad) define you? Actually, it doesn't. But its easy to just stick a label on it...

I'll close with this, and I say this with gentleness and respect. To those of you who don't believe in Jesus as your Savior, because you don't believe in him, does that mean he doesn't exist? Because I don't believe in the wind, does that mean it doesn't exist? Logically there has to be a creator. Every item on earth is here because someone created it. And if there is a Creator, why did He create me (Jeremiah 1:5)? Even scientist will say that evolution is just a theory. And what if there is the slightest chance you are wrong, just the slightest. What will that mean for you? If I'm wrong than I guess I'll just float around/disintegrate/??? along with everyone else who dies. But if there is just the lightest chance you're wrong... what will happen? Is that a chance you're willing to take? Please understand I don't want to offend anyone, but it is something to just think about.

One can't explain Christianity in one blog post or even one conversation. That's what the Bible is for friends... and my pitiful explanation doesn't do His Word justice. I do apologize. And although many of you have probably figured out already, I am a Christian. But then again that statement, coming from me, may not really mean a whole lot. 2 Timothy 2:19 explains that God know whose are His, He knows the names written in the book of life (Rev 21:27).... Yep, God is the only one who really knows. Am I preaching yet, it is easy to sound preachy! :D
"But in your heart set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect." 1 Peter 3:15

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I likes...

Doesn't this Ivy Jane Fall Floral Tiered Dress scream fall? I likes...

Autumn Wish

The woods are full of fairies;
The sea is full of fish;
The trees are full of golden leaves;
Let's make and autumn wish.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fair Season

Its officially fair season in our neighborhood and I'm SO excited! When I was young my mom would always get us in the mood every autumn by watching State Fair (1945 version) then make a day trip to our own state fair! This movie always put me in the mood and introduced me to some classic songs (by Rogers & Hammerstein) like "Our State Fair" and "Its a Grand Night for Singing". So its already on my calendar October 15th: "to State Fair!".... very exciting! So I must watch the movie before next week, its tradition.

There is another fair coming to the south as well that I just stumbled upon: the Country Living Fair. I was in B&N recently checking out all the magazines and while looking at the CL magazine there it was! And its coming (Oct 22-24) to Atlanta, GA which isn't too far from me! I'm determined to go even though it lands on a weekend where I'm supposed to work. I know I can work it our somehow! I looked a couple vendors that will be there and I think its going to be fabulous! Here some of them below:

Red Door Antiques

So... I'm off to the Fair! (in a couple weeks anyways)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dan In Real Life

Have you ever seen this movie? No (I hadn't either)? Well, I was surprised a couple years ago when I found it in My Love's movie collection but was even more surprised at how much I loved it! This is the perfect movie to get you in the mood for fall, the holidays, and family. And a sweet love story too! I love that its set in Rhode Island and a couple scenes are set in this sweet New England harbor town... its precious and I want to go there! The fact that Dan meets Marie at a bookstore makes it that much sweeter! How precious to meet your future sweetheart at a charming harbor town bookshop. The large family dynamics and love triangle is a delight to watch! Check it out, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bathtub snob

I mentioned a couple days ago that I wasn't feeling good... well in fact on Monday I just wanted to curl up and die... but I'm happy to say I'm feeling TONS better today, just really drained and as weak as a kitten. I thought I might've had the flu because I was aching SO bad all over (yeah, that kind of sick) and the only think that made me feel better was taking a really hot shower/soak in the tub. So during the course of the day I took 3 showers and 1 soak... I'd probably had taken more bath trips but this little bathtub we have... not much soaking going on in there. I grew up with a huge tub so was spoiled from a young age and anything less than that huge tub just doesn't cut it! Guess I'm just a bathtub snob. While browsing over at Designing DNA I discovered exactly what I needed! Aren't these lovely! I'm a little confused how they work exactly with not rotting the wood, but I'm sure the makers figured that out. Wish I had one on Monday!

i know... etsy strikes again...

yes, i was browsing through blogland/etsy and stumbled upon these lovelies... love them! Her etsy shop, Volume 25, is curretnly having a sale on these fabulous prints too!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sick Pumpkin

So I've felt like one sick pumpkin the last 2 days...
Hope you & your pumpkin are feeling better...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

90 years of stories...

Today my grandmother turns 90 years old... 90 years old! Yep, she was born in 1920 out in the wide open spaces of Montana and after 90 years of living... what stories she has to tell. From growing up on a large ranch, going to college, getting her pilots license, living in Hollywood, Boston, spending a year long honeymoon in Hawaii to finally settling down on a small dairy farm in SC... this pioneer woman has really lived.

What really amazes me is the wonderful legacy she has started... and is leaving behind. After her fiance was killed by a sniper in WW11, she had decided she was never going to marry. But after moving to Boston and working in the Parker House (now called the Omni Parker House), she met one of the owners (14 years older that her 28 years), married... 6 kids, 22 grands, many great grands, she's still telling her stories. Makes me wonder what stories I will have to tell after 90 years...