Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Land of Nod

So for some random reason I received a children's magazine, The Land of Nod, in my no child zone mail box yesterday. It sat on my counter all day long and was about to find itself in the trash. But while gathering up my other magazines to read that evening after supper I placed it with my stack and headed to the couch. My Love even made a comment/weird face like, "Uh, whats that?" But when I opened its pages, friends, magic happened! This magazine has opened my eyes to what cute kids/toys/wooden blocks is all about! I couldn't believe it! I was all smiley and giggling! My Love kept giving me weird looks! "Ok, lets go have a baby right now so I can buy some of this cute stuff." I'm not even lying, those words came out of my mouth. It was so refreshing to see the non-plastic, non-cheap looking, charming simplicity that each toy/craft/doll carried. I love love love the wooden toys! Congratulations to me, I had a breakthrough! Thank you Land of Nod!

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  1. I live in an incredibly "baby free" zone, but I love these toys! I remember some of the magazines for toys that I would look at when I was little...I mean why can't we STILL play with toys, they are wonderful!


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