Friday, October 8, 2010

Fair Season

Its officially fair season in our neighborhood and I'm SO excited! When I was young my mom would always get us in the mood every autumn by watching State Fair (1945 version) then make a day trip to our own state fair! This movie always put me in the mood and introduced me to some classic songs (by Rogers & Hammerstein) like "Our State Fair" and "Its a Grand Night for Singing". So its already on my calendar October 15th: "to State Fair!".... very exciting! So I must watch the movie before next week, its tradition.

There is another fair coming to the south as well that I just stumbled upon: the Country Living Fair. I was in B&N recently checking out all the magazines and while looking at the CL magazine there it was! And its coming (Oct 22-24) to Atlanta, GA which isn't too far from me! I'm determined to go even though it lands on a weekend where I'm supposed to work. I know I can work it our somehow! I looked a couple vendors that will be there and I think its going to be fabulous! Here some of them below:

Red Door Antiques

So... I'm off to the Fair! (in a couple weeks anyways)

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  1. I love the NC State fair, and I'm dying to go ride the swings, eat some corn, and try a fried treat. I will have to watch this movie...any technicolor movie is so dreamy and you can't go wrong with Rogers and Hammerstein!


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