Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 Month Countdown

This past weekend I was given a huge dose of reality (and a bit of pre-wedding paranoia) when I was kindly reminded via my fiance that there is less than 6 months to go until my glorious wedding day commences! Yikes!! And I do say yikes only in regard that I have really got to get on the ball here (and not in regard of marrying the most handsomest, wonderfulest boy of my dreams, not to get confused). Yes, my dear girl, times-a-tick'n!

So, what have I done in the last 5 months? Well...

~I do have the boy (*sigh* yes, he's wonderful)

~ I do have the ring (*another dreamy sigh*)

~ I've got the venue

I grew up living down a long dirt road with pasture land, cows, old barns, new barns, ponds and woods. It was the perfect place to grow up! And one day I hope to build my own house out there. My sister was married in my parents home (these are a few of her pics) and while my wedding ceremony will be in a different location in the yard, I'm excited to be getting married there as well. Plus it saves on the cost!

After that it gets kinda fuzzy....

Actually I'm not giving myself enough credit. I have my photographer, same girl who did my sister's wedding, I have my caterer (lucky my boy's brother owns a Capri's, an Italian restaurant that is delish! love a connection!) and my bride's maids material and pattern picked out. Yes, I'm having them made... kinda nervous a/b that.

All in all I guess I am more worried about the small details now. Yes, details. And the small detail of MY DRESS! Haven't found "the dress" yet... kinda nervous a/b it... And what a/b all my guys suits... nope, not yet! So there are a couple more big details as well. Well, I'll be optimistic, I have plenty of time! I mean... Right?


  1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment at Plum Pretty Sugar. And congrats on the upcoming wedding. You must be so excited! The robes are not sheer actually... the lighting does make them seem that way though. If you'd like to email me directly... I'd love to chat more :) You can email through if thats okay?


  2. Although it's a hectic time, it's also a wonderful time. Have fun with your plans and don't worry...everything will come together and your day will be perfect!!

    Love and hugs,

  3. Oh gosh you absolutely have plenty of time! 6 months before our wedding I had no idea my boy was thinking about marrying me! We really started planning with less than 3 months left. You're golden.

    P.S. JEALOUS of your location! So beautiful!!


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