Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh! What Treasures I Did Find!

Its been a rainy couple weeks here in the Carolina's with a splattering of beautiful fresh autumn days in between. And, although many would disagree,I have to confess I haven't minded the rain one single bit. There is something very cosy and fally about snuggling in on a cool, dark, rainy day in my snug small apartment looking at magazines, reading Emma, and watching old movies (Of course with a cup of hot tea and my candles lit, of course!). This morning, although not raining, but recovering from another down-pour from yesterday is still very cool, damp and cloudy, still perfect to snuggle in! So after waking, eating my egg and goat cheese sandwich (my new fav invention), I eagerly settled myself on my couch and into my new Pottery Barn mag and ohhh, what treasures I did find!!

I'm constantly on the lookout for items that I can bring to my fiance's house after we wed in April b/c, although his small starter house has a certain charm to it currently, it definitely has the bachelor pad aroma as well and I am determined to smother that out and make it into our home after I move in.

So while flipping threw PB I fell head over heels for this Ashby Sleigh Bed, handcrafted using planks of spruce, durable wood, beautiful knots and in this golden color! Yes, I'm in love!

I also love, love, love this whole Benwritght Collection! Look at that sturdy table. It looks very hardy and big enough to feed a hungry crew...And while these items are too big really to fit into our small starter house it makes me dream about the day when we build our own home out in the country!! Oh, how fun is it to dream!

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  1. oh man. I am terribly excited to get "real furniture" someday :-) my college dorm stuff is getting worn out.


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