Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bathtub snob

I mentioned a couple days ago that I wasn't feeling good... well in fact on Monday I just wanted to curl up and die... but I'm happy to say I'm feeling TONS better today, just really drained and as weak as a kitten. I thought I might've had the flu because I was aching SO bad all over (yeah, that kind of sick) and the only think that made me feel better was taking a really hot shower/soak in the tub. So during the course of the day I took 3 showers and 1 soak... I'd probably had taken more bath trips but this little bathtub we have... not much soaking going on in there. I grew up with a huge tub so was spoiled from a young age and anything less than that huge tub just doesn't cut it! Guess I'm just a bathtub snob. While browsing over at Designing DNA I discovered exactly what I needed! Aren't these lovely! I'm a little confused how they work exactly with not rotting the wood, but I'm sure the makers figured that out. Wish I had one on Monday!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better...a nice hot bath does fix anything ...especially in one of these babies!

    Hugs xoxo


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