Friday, August 20, 2010

One Beggar

How do you reach out to someone who doesn't want to be reached? How do you love someone who doesn't want to be loved? Its such a frustrating thing and it tugs at my heart. One cannot be a Christ follower and not have compassion for the people in this world that Jesus has compassion for. My church, New Spring, is doing a series about evangelism. "Evangelism," he explained, "Is simply one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread". I love that! Its so easy to understand! One beggar telling another beggar where to find bread. But wouldn't it be frustrating for the beggar who has bread, or knows where to find bread, or wants to share his bread, but his friend beggar rejects it. Your friend, who is literally starving to death in front of your eyes, won't accept the bread! Why? EERRRH!! Frustration!

I was talking to my sister about this very issue last night. She had just spoken to a "beggar" who constantly rejects the "bread". I know she loves this person and therefore is very concerned for him spiritually. But he constantly refuses. And I know it breaks my sisters heart. "I feel so bruised after talking with him" she tells me on the phone. He doesn't realize how it hurts her to see him starving to death in front of her eyes.

For the Christians reading this I want to encourage you to reach out... even when it is hard. We are called to reach out to the world, just as Jesus reached out to us. And for all the non- Christians out there. When someone talks to you about Jesus. Know that the reason we do it is because we love you... maybe even try to listen...maybe try not to bruise us too much...

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  1. Wow, I really loved this post. What a simple and accessible metaphor for evangelism.

    I think the thing your sister is struggling with must be so hard... But the thing is, you can tell a beggar where to find bread, but you can't force him to eat. You've already done the good by putting the bread there in front of him. But now it's up to him to nourish himself.


thank you for your lovely thought sent my way!