Friday, August 13, 2010

Law of the Land

With all this talk of buying land, borrowing money... building our barn... moving... it can get a little overwhelming. Some days I just want to take a leaping jump and dive head first into the wonderful idea of it all. And other days... well, i don't. I get a little nervous. I think to myself, "Am I really this grown up? Can I really make these kind of decisions on my own? What if?"
And then I look beside me and I can breath again. I feel so blessed to have my Love beside me to help me when it gets overwhelming. To know that God has placed him in my life to be the leader, to love me unconditionally, to walk beside me, to comfort me... *sigh* I just feel so very blessed. There is this fabulous song by Levi Lowrey, a guy who travels with the Zac Brown Band called Wherever We Break Down. I heard them live a couple months ago and I'm in love with this song... I can really relate and its just a nice reminder,

"I don't need a roof above my head. And I'll sleep, I'll sleep in the
dirt if you'll hold my hand. Wherever we break down and make our stand, love
will be the law of the land..."

Check it out..

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