Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Surprise!!! An Award! Um, what does that mean exactly?

Surprise!!! Apparently this little country girl has style... who new {my friends see me dressed most often like this kid during my daily routine}! Ok, Ok... so maybe just my sweet little bloggy has style, and in all seriousness, I am very honored for my nominations!

So thank you annalynnreilly & Evie {your name rocks}for passing the award my way!

Apparently how this works{never gotten one before}:
Once you have been given the award you thank (and link) the person who gave you the award.
- share 7 things about yourself
- give 15 other recently discovered blogger the award (and notify them)


  1. i am 1 of 5 siblings... 3 sisters, 1 brother... poor bro (no really, he's fabulous! i am best friends with my siblings!! i love them!!)

  2. i was home schooled till the 7th grade but still turned out surprisingly pretty normal!

  3. i am 26 years old but sometimes still feel like i should be 17... like i should be playing high school basketball/volleyball again instead of taking care of patients at the hospital! where does time go, friends!

  4. i met my husband when i was in the 7th grade. he was a cool 9th grader at the time but he used to high five me in the hallways in passing {it was a private school so middle/high schoolers shared hallways}. we never dated till after college. we met back up through facebook, so its almost like we met on the Internet! ;D

  5. i am so thankful to my parents for their love, discipline, and guidance. they are awesome!

  6. My church, NewSpring, is awesome! I've never been more excited about Jesus! And you can watch the sermons online! its nice for me since I work every other weekend and miss.

  7. i'm a bit of a loner... yes, its true {not in a weird was or anything}! one of my favorite things to do is sit at B&N and look at the magazines alone... for hours! i just need lots of me time i say!:D

And with great enthusiasm i send it forth! :D

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Whew... winning awards is hard work! Thank goodness my name isn't Julia Roberts! :D


  1. Oh Wowee! Thanks so much for including me in this fabulous group of bloggers you bestowed this award upon! Yay! I love your blog...and I'm so happy you received this honor! You totally deserve it!

  2. wooo hooo! thanks so much, sweet friend! i can think of no more deserving lady than you for this award. you are stylish, inspirational and beautiful. aka the best:)

  3. you so deserve the award! i'm so honored you thought pass on to me along with all these other great blogs...too sweet. i/my blog have never received an award before! thank you!

  4. Congrats on your award. I'm a new follower and love your blog so far. Very stylish indeed. XOXO

  5. Oh wow!!!! I am so happy that you got this award!From the first time I visited your blog I felt beauty, sincerity and simplicity coming out of your pages.And when I was doing my first giveaway I wanted very much for you to be the winner..
    Thank you for passing it over to me!You are so kind and just made me sooo happy! I have been a little down the last days..And again its like a small present from God.
    Thank you!

  6. Congrats on the award, Ev! I do love your blog, but why wouldn't I when I know and love you so much!!


  7. that picture is too precious! and congrats on the award!

  8. Ev, You are VERY stylish! Congrats on an award that is perfect for your blog! -ERIN PS: I love to shop alone so don't consider being a "loner" a bad thing. We all need time for ourselves every now and then. :)

  9. thank you!!! congrats on the award! I love your blog :)

  10. sorry for taking so long to say thanks! for some reason blogger hasn't been letting me leave comments!

    Thanks for including me...i look forward to reading through the other blogs you've picked!


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