Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime! (and the living is easy)

So apparently today is the first day of summer. Having just returned from our family summer vacation I feel like summer is already in full swing! And with vacation over, what else is there to look forward to? Well, A Southern Summer recently "planned" a trip to London and it was the best trip EVER! What else shall I do this Summer? I do know I'll be taking it easy. Hmmmm....

First things first! What shall I wear? Well, it is HOT HOT here in the south so I need something cool and comfy! Maybe this super cute Anthro dress! Or maybe this Sundance look. I'm all about casual too. And in the hot summer, dresses are the way to go!

Next, its very important to keep hydrated in the summer time. I think I'll just drink something very cold and refreshing from this fabulous drink dispenser! Then relax on the front porch. I love a front porch! Especially with a lovely hammock on it!

And at the beach I started reading Gone With The Wind, a southern classic that I've been trying to read all year! And man, it has captured my soul! I literally have hardly been able to put it down! Talk about the soul of the south! Makes me want to fight those damn Yankees all over again! (no offense to all ya'll northern peeps out there, lol) It really is a tragic, heart wrenching tale. If you haven't read it, read it! I'm half done so I may have to have a blog book club discussion when I'm finished. (So be ware Yankees... um j/k!)
And on that note... what are your plans this summer?


  1. super cute dresses!

    btw...that book, Shantaram is semi autobiographical about an australian man's escape from prison and pursuing life in India. His life in India becomes a series of events that are UNBELIEVABLE...but the crazy thing is, is that the book is based on a true story! I seriously couldnt put it down.

  2. Love the dress from Anthropologie - so cute and summery!

  3. I love, love, love that drink set up! And the hammock looks so perfect!

    Happy first day of summer!


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