Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moving On...

Here's the thing. I love blogland. I love that on my days off from work I can sit in my snug kitchen in SC and peek into the life of someone else halfway around the world (like Discovery Street), or get a glimpse into the life of a mom raising 3 young boys and 1 baby daughter (Under the Sycamore), and when planning my wedding I was OBSESSED with all the wedding blogs, literally spending hours soaking in all the beautiful brides, perfect flowers, and weddings that would inspire even the most cynical heart. But today I'm saying goodbye to all my wedding blogs out there. Your job for me has passed. That chapter has closed and I'm a married woman now. I no longer feel that obsessive draw to seek new ideas for receptions or wedding dresses that make my heart sigh. It has been fun. And I did wanted to say thank you. Thanks to all those wedding blogs that did influenced my own wedding and helped make it one of the most special days of my life.
But now I'm moving on...


  1. awww....you'll be missed... but i understand...i don't really follow a lot of the "wedding" specific blogs any longer. :(

  2. Cute image! Beautiful words...
    Have a happy Wednesday, your blog is lovely! xx


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