Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cold/sore throat remedies

My Love has been a bit under the weather for the last couple days. Nothing serious just bad cold and sore throat... which can sometimes be the worst because you're not quite sick enough to stay home from work, but feeling rough enough that the work day just sucks. Thats him. Well, when I got home from work last night around 8:30 I found him layed out on the couch surrounded by all his cold/sore throat remedies. He obviously had finished off the banana nut cheerios earlier that day and thought it'd be a good tissue trash box. Had went to the pharmacy and gotten Rite Aid Nite Time Cold/Flu Formula (he is the cutest) and then was surrounded by Halls cough drops/wrappers. It broke my heart a little and made me smile... I think I fall in love with him a little more each precious moment.

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