Thursday, June 3, 2010

sweet domestic life!

So I've been loving domestic life and "playing house" with my love. One of my new passions has been finding new recipes and trying them out on the hubby. (who by the way is the superior cook to myself, but i like to try anyway, i say you can't go wrong with a recipe, right?!) 2 of my new fav cooking blogs are Sprouted Kitchen (i love her pics) and She Eats Bears. Well, last night when my love got home we had to get down to the important business of making dill pickles! His garden is overflowing with cucumbers so we decided to give pickle making a shot! I must say it was lots of fun! And it was very satisfying when we heard each of our jars "pop" while relaxing on the couch afterwards!

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  1. you should check out Orangette:

    AMAZING blog about food!!!


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