Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Garden Problem

Do you remember this book? Growing up I LOVED this book! Its about Miss Mouse who dreams of having the best, most fabulous vegetable garden in town but ends up getting more than she expected when her garden starts overtaking her house! Her little friends have to come rescue her and, if I remember correctly, have to eat their way into her home to find her! I think they find her in the bathtub among the green beans! Its a precious book.

Well, friends... Miss Mouse and I have something in common. My Love's veggie garden is about to overtake me! A few posts back I wrote how we made dill pickles and it was so sweet and domestic and bla bla bla. Well since then we have made MORE pickles, canned beans, cooked squash, zucchini, beans... you name it. We've given bags away to family, took bags down to the beach to eat. And yesterday, my Love's first day back at work (where he and his partner have their monstrous garden in the back), he came home with ANOTHER plastic bag full! Friends, I need saving from this vegetable garden! You may find me in the tub surrounded by green beans like Miss Mouse!!


  1. I used to love that book!

    It's so funny that you are kind of living through the same thing. But how nice it is to have such a prolific garden!

  2. Girl...email me at hitchedinthehood@gmail.com to claim your cute summery cosmetic bag!


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