Thursday, June 3, 2010

the kiddos

So here's the thing with me and kids. I like kids ok... I mean, they're alright for about 10 mins and then it's time to give them back to their mommy and daddy. You know how some girls just grow up drawn to babies and knowing how to hold them and all that... that's not me. I know I'll feel different when I have babies of my own (and I'll love them like no other!) but I don't have babies yet. None of my siblings even have babies yet. And although many of my close friends and cousins have babies its still not the same. So, I didn't want ANY at my wedding originally. Yep, NONE. I just felt that I'd rather have someone I'd really want taking up that seat rather than some little kid that wouldn't appreciate my day anyway. But, my no kids request didn't really fly with my family, especially my mom. So we had some kids there. And I have to say, we do have VERY cute kids in my family. Gives me hope that in a couple years I'll pop out a cute one :D

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