Thursday, December 2, 2010

goat cheese rant

Oh Martha... how you do make my mouth water. Was browsing over at this a.m. for a little holiday inspiration and I got completely side tracked by her goat cheese. I can't seem to get enough of it these days. I've decided that everything taste better with a little side of goat cheese! Last night for supper I made a My Love and I a pita pizza {sort of thing} and sprinkled the top with caramelized onions and goat cheese... delish! This past weekend my family and I spent some time up in Saluda/Hendersonville NC {I love that place!} and went to a charming little bistro in downtown Hendersonville called Mrs. G and Me. I ordered this goat cheese torta very similar to Martha's above {for my meal} and almost licked the plate afterwards. I am definitely a fan. That warm goat cheese appetizer above looks amazing! Pair it with that beutiful cracker ...Yummy! If you're deciding on an appetizer for your holiday gathering... go with the goat cheese friends!


  1. Who would have thought!?! Goat looks delicious!!!!
    I will have to give it a try:)
    (Thanks for the yummy rant:))

  2. *drool* I love goat cheese... I think I might have to make something goat cheese related tonight after reading this post :)


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