Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wish I was here wednesday

Where do you wish you could be today? Olivia over at For Me has just started the wish i was here wednesday and I'm joining in! :D

I'm working today (Wednesday) and I probably wish i was pretty much anywhere but here. It has been so very hard and frustrating at work lately. Understaffed, overworked... with 7 patients as my normal load... its been difficult. Difficult for me to try to keep smiling and show compassion to patients, difficult for me to try and do 25 things all at once, and difficult for me not to hide my irritation toward my fellow coworkers at times.
So while browsing over at Bliss I discovered this winter wonderland... how I wish I was here!


  1. hi! thanks so much for your comments today. it's been so much fun getting started...and addicting = ) love the spot you picked today, looks cozy!

  2. oh my lord, 7 patients is nutty!! We have a max ratio of 5 patients I think on our med-surg floors. I don't know how you do it! I feel you on the short staffed and overworked issue... I think it's a nationwide thing :/

  3. this looks so cool! I would love to go there! thank you for reading my blog :)


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