Monday, December 20, 2010

Sleigh Ride

I would LOVE to one day go on a sleigh ride! A sleigh ride in the bright, white snow pulled by these beautiful large horses! Has anyone ever had this experience? Was it wonderful!? While I've gone on many a hay ride down here in the south I have NEVER gone on a sleigh ride! {it may be another bucket list item... if i had one that is... :D}


  1. i've never been on a sleigh ride like this. would be amazing, though!

  2. Yes! I have!! And it WAS a magical moment (or few)....
    We did it one New Years Eve, traveled through trees and criss-cross trails....a moon....singing....jingly bells.
    It was a movie moment for sure!!!
    Keep it on your bucket list:)

  3. hi! just found your lovely blog. i wanted to tell you how sweet and beautiful it is that you acknowledge Jesus in your sidebar:) also, carriage rides are the best. well, they LOOK like they'd be the best things ever. i've never been on one...not exactly sure where they have them in good ol' north carolina:) happy tuesday!


thank you for your lovely thought sent my way!