Friday, December 3, 2010

I'll have a blue Christmas...

Is everyone's front door decorated with Christmas cheer? Mine currently is not... My Love and I have not had a chance yet to get a Christmas tree so I haven't officially decorated for the special holiday season {sad}! And he's going camping with his boys and I'm working all weekend so it looks like it will just have to wait till next week. I definitely wish I had this beautiful front door to welcome me during the Christmas season {where can I get that wreath!}! Really love it! I'm generally a red front door kind of girl but this blue may just be changing my mind! Happy weekend to you all!

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  1. ohh i like this wreath! I already feel behind on christmas decorating. i havent done anything yet but im hoping to get our tree up on sunday after work! Bummer working weekends isnt it??


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