Thursday, September 9, 2010

What If...

Do you ever wonder what your life would look like if you had been born into a completely different lifestyle? Perhaps born into wealth or privilege... on some huge working farm or maybe a huge city like NYC. Some days I do... This past weekend I was at my brother-in -law's home, enjoying a little Labor Day celebration with family. My husband's brother has recently become captivated with the idea of sailing, and when I say captivated I really mean a little obsessed! He's decided he and his wife could totally just sale his huge house, his restaurant, cars and pack their small bags into a sail boat. When he presented the idea to us I completely encouraged! "Yeah, awesome! Then ya'll can sail us around!" But secretly I thought he was a little crazy! But when I picked up one of his gazillion boating magazines this past weekend just to brows through while at the pool, surprisingly I became intrigued! I read about this family who had done just what my brother-in-law wanted... and this family had 2 small girls! These girls age 8 & 12 have been sailing for the past 2 years and have seen 10 times more stuff that I in my 26 years. What an experience! I couldn't believe it! What if I were one of those small girls. Would I appreciate the experience? Would I complain the whole time, wanting to go back home to my friends? Go back to my "normal" life? What if...
Miranda knows how I'm feeling:

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