Friday, September 10, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes


Last night My Love and I enjoyed a night full of fried green tomatoes. After spending some time in Belk's, spending some hundreds of dollars in gift cards that we had consolidated from wedding presents/returns, we stopped in at our ultra charming Southern Fried Green Tomatoes restaurant. I love this place. It is a great family restaurant full of warm southern hospitality and delicious comfort foods. While we nibbled on hot biscuits and cornbread, we started reminiscing over the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes and I couldn't believe how little I could remember about the movie! I could remember, "Tawandaaaa!" and the basic plot, but I loved this movie growing up and couldn't remember the last time I'd watched it. So it was decided, while eating my fried green tomato BLT, homemade apple sauce and green been casserole we'd stop by our blockbuster on the way home & watch it that night.

This movie is such a classic because it ultimately is about friendships and the value they add to our lives. These characters hold such debt that you really feel their emotions while watching, and I especially love watching the strong loyalty that develops because of these strong relationships. I had forgotten Chris O'Donnell was in the film and what a major crush I had/ still have on him! And Big George was always one of my favorites in this movie! And I could always relate to Idgie because I was a bit of a tom boy back in the days and I loved her sense of fashion!(*sigh, if you haven't seen this movie in a while, hurry and watch it before the hot weather leaves because it is definitely a sweltering, hot southern movie!)

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