Saturday, September 11, 2010

Clemson Vs little bitty PC

So I am a little bummed that I have to work today and missing all the fun football festivities that my whole entire family is participating in, including My Love... my whole family that is, except me. Yep, they're all headed to Tiger Town, aka Clemson University, for some tailgating, birthday party fun, and to watch the huge blowout that is going to commence at Death Valley when little bitty PC takes on the Clemson Tigers (yes, it's true... I hope none of my little PC Bluehose actually do die, thank the Lord my brother already graduated and isn't on the field, maybe it's a blessing I won't have to watch). However, I've decided instead of pouting I'm ready to find some cute football attire to wear to the next game! Sugar Boutique was a great place to start!

I know this is a little summery but how cute is this sailboat dress!


  1. Such sweetness...I love them all.

    Happy weekend. xox

  2. This reminds me....I need to start looking for some Carolina blue and white dresses....


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