Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just call me Jennifer Hudson!

Just call me Jennifer Hudson, ya'll! I recently saw her on a weight watchers video and she really looks awesome! I heard she started at a size 14 and is down to a size 6! Crazy! Although I've always thought she looked wonderful! (We're kinda built the same way!) So.... I've joined weight watchers online and today is day 2! Its official now that I've blogged about it so I HAVE to keep it up! I want to see how much weight I can loose till Christmas! I'm excited! My sisters are doing it too so wish us luck!! I'll catch u up on my progress as I go!

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  1. I love weight watchers! Its been the only fab diet that ever worked for me because it teaches you how to make better choices and portion control. Plus the point system is so straight forward. Im built like J. Hudson too... lots of curves! haha Good luck!


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