Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Newly Wed

I'm back! I did it! And I'm married! My husband (*i just love saying that) doesn't have Internet so I've been a little disconnected from the world and my blog world for a while now. We're still in the process of changing that little problem at the house!

I officially haven't gotten my pics back from my photographer and I'm waiting with great anticipation! However, some friends took a few snaps at the wedding. And this post is dedicated to our wonderful parents who worked so hard to make our wedding day special! I mean my mom and dad are probably the best parent's in the world. Not only did they let me have the wedding in their yard, the yard I've trampled around in since I was born, but they also worked so hard to get everything looking ship shape! I couldn't be more blessed. And the wedding couldn't have been more beautiful!

*My wonderful Mom and Dad*

*My husband and his sweet parents*

*My only living Grandma*


  1. OOHHH MMMMYY GOOODDNNEEESSS! I was totally just thinking of you! So glad you left me a comment because I want to see all of your wedding pics! Off to look at them!


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