Thursday, May 20, 2010

the bride loves floral

I gave my bridesmaids robes as gifts so we could look super fabulous even while getting ready. So for the last months I'd been scouring every shop and online boutique for unique robes. And I found them. Most of them came from Plum Pretty Sugar in the end because I loved the beautiful floral colors she has (you might remember I got one here for me too and LOVED wearing in Jamaica btw!). Each time I added to the collection I'd get more excited about giving them! We had so much fun getting ready! Can I please relive it all over!


  1. What an AMAZING gift...that was such a great idea! I wish i wudda thought of that!

  2. What a fabulous gift! And everytime they wear them, they are going to think of your wonderful and fun-filled day. So thoughtful!


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