Monday, March 1, 2010

March Showers

Wedding showers are upon me! They are officially in full swing! Last weekend I had my engagement tea (more on that later) with all the ladies and also had a couple's tool and garden shower. However, my first "real shower" is Saturday and then another Sunday. And I need dresses people! I bought this dress today from Anthropologie (online!) in hopes it will get here (and fit when it gets here) by this weekend! I thought it looked like a shower dress. What you think? I like the idea of wearing all white to my showers but on the other hand I think that might be a little too boring for me too. Plus, there's all those confusing rules about white after/before Easter. AND considering its supposed to snow on Tuesday... well, anyway... I liked the dress!

I also think it would be a great Jamaica dress! I'm getting so excited about the honeymoon! Counting down the day... only one month, sixteen days till paradise! :)

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