Saturday, November 20, 2010

please stop beating down my doorway...

Remember Just call me Jennifer Hudson... once upon a time ago. Well, lets just say I've been living by a new quote lately {ahum, see above}... and it ain't good! and Thanksgiving and Christmas are beating down my doorway along with the pizza delivery guy! Whats a girl to do! Go clothes shopping and get depressed b/c nothing in my size still fits then get inspired to join the Jennifer Hudson crusaders again? Ok, its a plan...


  1. Haha...Oh that sign is too funny:)))
    I would join you;)

    Hope your weekend is going happily))

  2. ahahahahah I am SO going to do that now....I'm pretty sure I left about two slices from my last pizza that I ordered for not ALL of the pizza was for me...right?

  3. You are sooooo this.oxxo

    Hugs my friend.


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