Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Face Lift

Yes, as some of my thousands {chuckle, chuckle} of followers may have noticed, In My Tennis Shoes just received a bit of a face lift... nothing crazy and dramatic but it was brought to my attention that it has been looking a bit sluggish and uninspiring so the new look has commenced! Lately I've felt a bit disheartened, uncommitted and just "blah" concerning In My Tennis Shoes (and about my life in general really).

I believe my attitude is a simple reflection of the restlessness in my own heart. I feel like I need a face lift... or maybe a heart lift. With my grandmother's steep decline in health and currently being followed by hospice, it makes me reflective of her past 90 years {and what a wonderful, inspiring life she has lived!}. Watching the end of life also has a way of tugging on ones own heart and asking oneself, "Am I really living out my own life the way God intended? Am I following my own plan, with my own "grand" ideas?" Because if I'm not following His plan, my life has absolutely no potential in reaching its grand and ultimate purpose. And that's what I want... I desperately want to reach His ultimate design, I want to be burdened with it, consumed, and absolutely enthralled with His plan for my life. I know it will be beautiful... He's already at work!

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me... Psalm 51.10


  1. I like the new look :) Also I completely have been feeling the same way. Somewhat apathetic and disenchanted... makes it hard to blog when you feel that way doesn't it?
    Praise God for your grandma and her well lived life... she sounds like an incredible blessing to your family.


thank you for your lovely thought sent my way!