Friday, November 26, 2010

house crush

I am a little in love with this house... maybe a lot in love... or maybe the beautiful white blanket of snow has cast a spell on me... or maybe I'm truly in love with this house. Its interesting too because generally I don't love a ton of windows in a house. I do like some! I love natural light streaming in! But there is something that freaks me out a little about the idea of too many windows allowing someone to take a little peak at me {especially at night, with all my lights blazing and me not being able to see them... peaking at me... through the windows. Do I have a phobia? All that to say, there must be a sensible balance of windows/curtains in my house}. But I love this house. I am drawn to just the build of it! I keep staring at the roof! And seeing it builds up my anticipation of dreaming of a white Christmas. Its difficult in the south to keep that dream alive sometimes... but I'm still dreaming!


  1. Oh yeah. I have a crush on that there house too!
    What a wonderful place!
    Think they would let us in to look?
    Have a wonderful weekend.....
    (can you imagine decorating that place for Christmas;)

  2. snow is a miracle...makes everything prettier..
    Thank you for coming by my bloghouse!


  3. Mmmm... snow. I think I might have fallen in love with that house too!!!


thank you for your lovely thought sent my way!