Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm sad today...

I'm sad today. My friend and her guy might be calling it quits... and its very painful... for everyone involved. Even little 'ole me. I love this friend. She is special. I've known her since middle school. We've played sports together, learned to drive together, talked about boys together... laughed, cried. Grown up.

So when she came to me on a day when she should have been overcome with joy and instead came with tears, my heart broke for her. And I wanted to cry too. But I'm selfish too. My guy and I love this couple as well. We have grown together as friends over the years and have loved the time the 4 of us have spent.

pooh bear

So what is the final breaking point, my friends? How do two people that have committed to each other reach the final breaking point when they say the end... Two people who love each other, invested precious time and energy and seemed so happy for so long. How do you know when you can no longer work through the problem at hand?

I'm sad today...

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  1. i'm sorry... i have a friend that I was friends with in college but now we've become just as close with her boyfriend - if they were to break up, I'd have to stick with my friend but it'd suck losing her bf...


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