Saturday, August 27, 2011

you fill up my senses

When I saw this image, my home & then John Denver's song Country Roads immediately popped into mind. Yes, we all knows that song {lets sing together, shall we: "country rooooaaads take me hoooome to the plaaaace I belooong..." ok, ok, enough}. But isn't it such a great song? He definitely had some good ones. This one almost makes you wish you did live in West Virginia!

Lately I've been yearning for home. I mean really craving it. And wanting to go back as much as possible. I dream of rising early in the morning when there's just a bit of light out, putting on my old tennis shoes and walking the edge of the fields, still damp with the morning dew. Maybe I'll walk across to the pond, over the dam, into the "coastal" field. I yearn to lounge lazily in a hammock in the soft shade, one of my mom's old Victoria magazines in my lap. There is something sacred about coming home sometimes. The idea gets into my blood until I think I'll go crazy if I don't just go home. So when my car finally does pull into the long dirt road at dusk, all I want to do is let the warm evening air soak into my senses. I am home.

Annie's Song: John Denver

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