Monday, August 29, 2011

Wide Open Spaces

With the de-treeing, de-stumping, clearing and scraping of our 30 acres of heaven over the past few months, beautiful dialogue has taken place over the future layout of the Mr. & Mrs. Shane Evans family abode. The discourse conclusion: wide open spaces! Yes, my friends swing wide those heavenly gates! Wide open is on the menu: open fields, wide porches, large airy rooms, simple, clean, classic. We've definitley decided on a one story houseplan and actually loved this "U" style houseplan {toned down a bit with less rooms (music room, guest suite... theatre? really?) & more open spaces}. We've also discovered we like the idea of the courtyard {no pool} with our barn situated in a disant corner insead of a garage. This is the dreaming & imagining stage & I'm in LOVE with the process.

Images: house, entry, kitchen, kids room, bathroom .... see more of my pins & ideas here!


  1. how fun! That sounds glorious to me and Im glad you are enjoying the planning process so much!

  2. This was fun, a fun find. I bet Israel was amazing and glad you enjoyed. It is not at all easy to get away. I was looking at some of the food you pictured and the zucchinni looked yummy. Needs Carothers Olive Oil!


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