Monday, March 7, 2011

a shy season

It rained all weekend long here in the upper state of South Carolina. But is was a spring rain in my opinion, slowly, misty, soaking the earth. So I didn't mind. Everywhere I turn there is new growth springing to life; the browns of the winter are turning into the greens, yellows, whites, and pinks of spring. Don't you think spring is a shy season? She shyly enters her season until suddenly she comes into her own with a flood of color. How I love the coming of a new season! I do hope Jack Frost has left us for good so I can plant my tomato bushes! :D Happy Monday!


  1. Rain means spring is on its way.... at least I hope so! fingers crossed!

  2. Its raining here also..and today it snows!In Athens.Beautiful..
    This photo is simply poetic...

  3. I love that slow misty rain. And the first signs of SPRING! :) Your writing is beautiful.

  4. The picture is beautiful! I have never thought about the "shyness" of Spring-- good thoughts :)
    Have a great week!

  5. We had a good soaking rain here too, but afterwards it was like all of the spring plants came to life! I'll be heading to the upper state of South Carolina in two weeks!


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