Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So.... I've been MIA... For awhile... But, don't worry! I haven't died, I didn't get injured, my family is still kicking like there's no tomorrow... So where have I been, you ask? I ask the same thing! I actually have been in blogland religiously... and so inspired by everything I see! but sometimes I feel that everyone else's creative vibe surpasses my own with such a huge, massive gap, I'd rather just soak in everyone else rather that put my 2 cents in...

However, I'm taking back my independence! Here I am! My 2 cents and all! :D

Ok, so wedding update:

My wedding dress came in weeks ago and I am just so excited about it!! Decided to go with a back up Jcrew dress that is so simply me I just took the plunge and ordered it online and it fits just about perfectly! Just have to alter a couple things... and having some straps placed on it. (my boobs have never done strapless well)

As far as accessories, I'm definitely going with the country, shabby sheek look (according to my mom). Even wearing cowboy boots!

I'm currently deciding if I want to wear some kind of cardigan... I don't know... I think some of them are pretty stinking cute. Plus April 17th after the sun goes down might be pretty chili!

I also just made a couple of purchases from Anthropologie and I'm going to see how they look with the dress as soon as I can! I was going to upload the image of the cardigan from the site but it must've already sold out because its no longer there! I really love the vintage look of it. I totally ordered it on a whim, going to see how they go together.

I also got the flower for a hair accessory from antrhopologie. You can't really see it well in my pic so here it is... It may be a little too large but I'm loving it and well...will just have to see...
My guys outfits are coming together so well too! I can hardly believe it! Will have to update later when I have more time!

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