Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Path

Today I started blogging. Ah, yes, breath it in! I am following in the footsteps of the many that have little to say but much to type. I realized that with a medical background I have no writing, english, or even any creative skills whatsoever, I'm not especially clever or smart, I don't really have a great message to sent out to the great wide cosmos, and that this is probably a bad idea (and probably doomed to fail)... but I'm doing it anyway! Why not I ask you?!

I am inspired by the new day, a new week, starting clean and fresh, and my great fellow writers and inspirators: Carrie Bradshaw, Anne Shirley, Mary Engelbreit, and Jane Austen. What is going to fail when you have those chics on board, right?

I've named my blog "In My Tennis Shoes" (as you probably already noticed)... I'm not exactly sure why... I guess its because I feel so much better, confident, and secure in my tennis shoes. I feel strong in them, like no task is too large. And as I am blogging right now and was tyring to figure out what to name my blog (who new you named these things?), I sit at my small desk in the corner of my small room with my t-shirt and undies I slept in last night, a pair of white cotton socks and my super exciting gray and pink Mizuno tennis shoes.

So this first entry is dedicated to you my dear old friend: To the many paths we've walked together and to those we have yet to conquer!

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