Friday, August 28, 2009

Life Is a Highway

So the deal is I am always on the road... lately the highway is my new home, the gas station my new hang out. I live and work about 1 hr from my fiance, 1 hr 15 min from my older sister/BFF, and 1hr from my church... You know that song "Life is a Highway"? That seems to be my theme song for the last couple months. When I'm not working my shifts, you can find me on the road!
I don't mind the driving actually. Although Lovie, my 2004 Honda Accord, may have a different opinion. Lately she seems to be groaning in protest. I noticed in the last couple days that somewhere during our travels she has developed a straining rattle under the hood. Is it time for a tune up, oil change, or tire rotation? Or is she trying to tell me she just needs a rest from the travels?
I'm starting to notice other parts of my life that have fallen to neglect as well. My homey apartment is looking more and more like my brother's football team locker room and my tennis shoes have seen the gym 2 times in the last 2 months... yes, the jeans are feeling a bit snug!

Maybe I'm ready to give up on the road for a while, maybe its time to start concentrating on that 100 lbs I have to lose to fit in that wedding dress, or find that grilled cheese sandwich I lost in my room somewhere... Oh, but those great hugs at the end of the road! That handsome smile with the deep dimples! (sigh) Oh, dear!! NO, NO!! DON'T LOSE FOCUS!!

Well, maybe we can work something out ;)

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