Sunday, July 10, 2011

i dream of paris...

So i can't get enough of Paris... I dragged Shane to the movies a couple days ago to see Midnight in Paris & it was totally worth seeing if not for just the beautiful Paris itself. The city played a huge and beautiful character in this movie & deserves an academy award for it's performance.. it was breathtakingly beautiful! I about died... and now I am reading a novel I picked up today at B&N called The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain that tells the story of Ernest Hemingway's first {of 4} marriage which is set in Paris in the 1920s! Love it! {actually i'm only on chapter 4 & its a little slow going} but i'm a bit obsessed with that current time and place because the movie touches during that time as well. Have you seen it? or read this book? what did ya'll think?

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  1. ooo I want to see that movie!! I got to go to Paris over New Year's this year and it was so beautiful but freezing!!


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