Friday, April 8, 2011

a few friday favs

while i am feeling a bit better {thanks for all ya'lls lovely well wishes}, i'm still in the midst of battling this deep/lung hurting cough. yes, it hasn't been pretty. the sick taking care of the sick is always a bit pitiful. and i didn't feel like i could call in at work because we're SO short staffed and i couldn't do it to my fellow coworkers. however, on the positive, my voice is coming back & that's always a good sign! while catching up on some of my usual bloggies, i am loving some of their stuff! take a look!

I'll Seen & I'll Said was also feeling some Mary Oliver {see last post quote} love. browse over here to view one of her lovely poems.

For all those obsessed with pinterest, annalynnreilly has pinned some loverly pins. Look below at this great little cottage she introduce me to. Isn't it cute! And here she blogged about a beautiful, exposed brick kitchen. Its devine!

Seeing this picture {below} of these dark hair girls over at Live Love Small, I was completely brought back to the days when my older sister, me, & one of my younger sisters all shared a room. {I probably wouldn't have minded if our room looked like that!} We were about these girls ages when we shared, all had long, dark brown hair, & i can remember us always wearing large, over sized t-shirts to bed! Fun times!

Happy Weekend


  1. such a cute photo of the girls! And what precious memories to have of your childhood and sisters.

  2. What a cute photo that is. SWEET! I bet it is fun having sisters!! I am an only child, but I imagine staying up late and sharing secrets would be lots of fun. ;)

    Glad you are feeling better!


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