Wednesday, May 11, 2011

breaking blogger silence

So i guess its about time for me to break my blogger silence that has been going on for... well... awhile now. what have i been up to? here goes:

Shane and I had a marvelous 1 year anniversary down in Savannah last month. I'm thinking its my new happy place. I love the old historic building and the charming square gardens that are on every other turn. Its so romantic. We took a horse carriage tour and then an evening trolley ghost tour as well & I loved introducing "my Savannah" to Shane. I've just about decided that if i had to live anywhere else than my beloved Mountville, I'd choose Savannah. This trip we stayed further back off the river at our cozy bed and breakfast, The Azalea Inn, and I think I liked it much better. I could walk those old charming backstreets any day. {I'm ready to go back tomorrow}

Here we are finishing dinner one night at the underground Alligator Soul ! Yummmm.....

Yes, Savannah was definitely a highlight this past month for my family also experienced a bit of heartache recently as well. Not the end of the world kinda of stuff but when a family is as close as mine, when one member experiences troubled times, we all do. But Jesus is good through the good and bad... and time really does have a way of healing as well.

{I want you by: Kelly Clarkson}

Its been hot hot here the last couple of days with thunderstorm (with even hale last night). I recently broke out my Kelley Clarkson All I Ever Wanted CD and have been jamming while on the road. I love that girl! She can SANG!

Summertime food is here! The last couple nights I've made this stuffed zucchini:

and this lime {i used lemon}, avocado & shrimp salad {but made it into a sandwich with roll & a bit of lettuce}:

other interesting info includes: getting cussed out by a man yesterday in the publix parking lot for not putting my buggy up in front of his 8 year old daughter who was in a catholic school uniform {and just FYI: i usually put my buggy up but it was SO hot and the buggy holder was way across the parking lot from me so i didn't... hate me, whatever} I wanted to roll my eyes, flip him a finger, and fly out of the parking lot... but then i remembered I have a Jesus sticker on the back of my car so I couldn't... instead i just gave a sigh, smiled and drove off. Situations like that always throw me for a loop.


  1. oops I tried to comment but I don't think it worked.

    I love your horse carriage and bed and breakfast weekend! How lovely!!

    I want to try your zucchini dish. I love zucchini and I am going to plant it in my community garden plot once the weather gets warmer in Portland!!

  2. Happy you are back!! Bless your heart with the Publix ordeal... always happens when you really DON'T need it to (ya know being a girl and all people have a radar and they can read when we are having a not so great day; they seem to hit us hard then)... I am proud of you for making the "wise choice" as I tell the kids at church :)

    Welcome back blogger friend!

  3. ha...good for you for remembering that sticker on the back of your would have been hard for me! I was just in Savannah too! Love that place!


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